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DUOTV Local Plus Package

Start with the basics! Choose your foundation.


The Locals Plus package is the foundation DUOTV Streaming package with all your local channels plus a few HD offerings


See the county/city channel lineups below. 


DUO Broadband Internet service required. To view the DUOTV streaming service you will need an interface device such as a Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, or Amazon Fire Stick to connect to your smart TV, or connect directly through a Roku TV (see device list below). Sign up for your account on your selected streaming device, then you will be able to download the DUOTV App from your device’s app store. 


Subscribe to DUOTV and get free access to great programming that you can watch everywhere on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. 

Build Your Perfect TV Stream!

Sports & News Package


20 channels (12 sports channels and 8 news channels).

Local Plus package required.

See the county/city channel lineups below. 

Entertainment Package


17 channels.

Local Plus package required.

See the county/city channel lineups below. 



DUO Broadband 500 MEG and GIG Internet customers get additional discounts. Ask a customer service representative for details.

Get Even More Channels!

Add a wider variety of sports, news, family, and entertainment programming.

Expanded Package


57 channels.

Local Plus package required.

See the county/city channel lineups below. 

Expanded Plus Package


40 channels.

Expanded package required.

See the county/city channel lineups below. 

DUOTV Streaming Customers
Can Use WatchTV Everywhere

DUOTV Channel Listings

Russell County & Liberty

Adair Co. & campbellsville

Now Get Even More
Streaming From DUO!

DUO Broadband has partnered with MyBundle.TV to simplify your streaming TV. Explore and sign up for a wide range of over 100+ paid and free streaming services that match your interest! There are so many options out there, we make it easy to find the best services and deals for you in our Streaming Marketplace.

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TV On My Side

DUO Broadband protects customers by working with a national cooperative of TV providers, negotiating fees and programming on your behalf. We want you to have access to all your favorite programs at a price that’s fair. We know that anything less is unacceptable – it’s why we go to bat for you. Visit the TV On My Side website to learn more.

Streaming TV Available With These Devices

Roku or Roku TV

Amazon Fire Stick

Apple TV 4K

Android TV

Apple & Android Smart Phones


Roku offers multiple options for every budget. The Roku Express is the most budget-friendly Roku device. The Roku Express hooks to your TV via a separate, included, HDMI cable to access streaming apps like DUOTV.

Amazon offers multiple options for every budget. The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is the most budget-friendly offering. Fire TV plugs into your HDMI port to access streaming apps. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you already have access to Prime Video.

Apple TV 4K lets you watch movies and shows in 4K HDR and with Dolby Atmos sound. You can also use Siri for voice control. You get access to all the big streaming services including the DUOTV app.

DUOTV and other Apps for Android TV are available through the Google Play Store. Android TV also accommodates streaming from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Spotify, Paramount+, and many others.

Download the DUOTV app for additional flexibility streaming your favorite entertainment.

Best For

Cord-cutters on a budget, new to streaming

Amazon Alexa device owners, Amazon Prime subscribers

Fans of Apple products, iPhone users

Direct Internet Connection




GigaSpire Blast Router

GigaSpire BLAST

  • Easy to set up
  • Manage with YOUDUO, our FREE smartphone app
  • Coverage for your location
  • Everyone can stream at the same time
  • Improved battery life for WiFi devices
  • Less delay for high demand devices
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics

Only $9.95/month

Not All WiFi is Created Equal

DUO Broadband’s GigaSpire BLAST is a next-generation wireless mesh network router that delivers blazing fast speeds to your whole home and beyond. Our YOUDUO App is a FREE, intuitive, easy-to-use mobile application that lets subscribers set up a guest WiFi network, set parental controls and more.

Gigaspire wifi | youduo app

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