DNS Changer Malware



Information that you may have already received nationally but wanted to share, Today - Monday at approximately 1 PM CST a “fix” will be removed by our government for computers infected with the “DNS Changer” malware/virus.This effects customer PCs using ALL ISPs, not just Duo’s service!


The PC Problem

Basically, there are a lot of infected computers that have been working, because the government has kept the offending servers going to give everyone time to get there computers and network corrected.

Today @ 1 PM this will be removed.


What is going happen?

This will likely cause a lot of computers to suddenly not be able to reach their site on the internet.

Their internet will be working, but their computers will no longer be able to navigate the web, because of DNS issues on their computer.


The fix

Customers beforehand can check out the following link to verify their computer. Then take the steps needed to repair the problem.


For more information http://www.dcwg.org/detect/


Customers not fixing prior to the change will need to take steps to fix if they have an effected PC.

They may use their infected computer to download the program by typing the following link into their browser.

Also, the bluegrass helpdesk is prepare to assist these customers (270-866-0011) and they can be directed to this support.


For complete information check out this link