Internet Problems?


Many Internet problems or questions can be dealt with over the phone. Below are some links that address many common issues with setup of your Internet connection.

Issues with slow speed and performance may very well be caused by a computer virus, a common Internet problem. The links below can help you determine if you have a virus.

Customer Care Center

Russell: (270) 343-3131
Adair: (270) 378-4141
Cumberland: (270) 433-2121

The help desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Ask Live Chat Online
Review instructions for setting up e-mail.
Conduct a speed test.
Find spyware tools and tips.
Download firewall software.
Download AVG antivirus software.
Download House Call virus scan software.

Duo Team Viewer

Duo Team Viewer is a small software application that allows our DuoCare technicians to take temporary control of your computer, remotely, so we can help diagnose issues from our office. You should only download this software if a DuoCare technician asks you to during the course of a troubleshooting session.

Duo Team Viewer does NOT allow anyone else to access your computer, and access by Duo County is limited to diagnostic and repair work for the time needed to address, and hopefully fix any issues found. Remote access is initiated, and can be terminated, by the home computer user after downloading and installing the software. Prior to using this software you will need to agree to the terms and conditions once prompted.

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