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Set up a guest network using the CommandIQ app and your GigaSpire BLAST router.

It’s easy to create a guest network! In fact it’s so easy, you can set up a network for a specific event, like when you have family visiting. Or for when your children have friends over. To get started, open your CommandIQ app and select "Guest Network" from the main menu. You can “Add a Guest Network” by selecting the plus sign.

In the Setup a Guest Network screen, do the following:

bandwidthvsspeed 1200What do they actually measure?

Many of us have used a website to test our Internet speed. And you may have noticed that the results of these speed tests vary and often do not match what you see on your bill. Why is this? It comes down to the difference between bandwidth and speed. (Yes there’s a difference!)

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How to test your bandwidth

The CommandIQ app has many features to give you ease of control over your WiFi network and the devices that connect to it. Another useful feature is the Bandwidth Test. Located conveniently on the Main Menu, the test allows you to measure the bandwidth connection coming into your router from DUO Broadband.

What exactly is bandwidth and why do I want to measure it?

IMG 8274Johnna Popplewell (left) and Rhonda Wilkerson (right) celebrate their retirement. 

We recently celebrated the careers of two long-term DUO Broadband employees. We wish Johnna Popplewell and Rhonda Wilkerson all the best in their retirement! Thank you Johnna for 28 years of service. And thank you Rhonda for 27 years! Here are some photos from the celebration:

news image techminute router…and are they all the same?

A router is what allows the Internet cable connected to your home communicate with your Internet devices, like your computer, or security cameras, or smart appliances. 

Today, most routers are wireless, broadcasting a WiFi signal a short distance inside —or outside— your home or business. This allows phones, smart TVs, and other devices to access the Internet at very high speed.

Beyond that, a router provides a level of security to your home or business network.

Lower quality routers can be a bottleneck for really fast Internet, as a network can only be as good as its weakest link.

To assure the absolute best connectivity with your Internet, DUO Broadband carries the Calix GigaSpire BLAST router and matching extenders to send your signal even further.  

Want to add a GigaSpire BLAST router or sign up for DUO Broadband Internet? Just complete our service request form today!

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One of the most appealing features of the Command IQ app is the ability to set up controls. Don’t want the kids playing x-box late at night or concerned about access to certain websites? The Command IQ app makes it easy to set your own parameters for different devices on your network!

Don't have the app? Download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store. The app is designed to function with the GigaSpire router available from DUO Broadband to make the most of your high speed Internet. 

Here's how to set up your own customized controls:

The Basic Parental Control option in the Main Menu provides the ability to set profiles and assign devices to allow basic control. This feature requires you to create a parental control profile:

1. Select the “+” symbol to create a new profile

2. Enter the name for the profile in the box and select the devices you would like to add to this profile

3. Select “Submit” (at the bottom of the screen)

The parental control profile will enable you to:

• Use the pencil icon to edit the profile and add a picture if desired

• Select the Pause “II” icon to disable all devices connected to this profile

• To bring devices back online select the Play icon

• Select Add Device to add more devices to this profile

• Select Remove Device to remove devices from this profile 

Want to add a GigaSpire BLAST router or sign up for DUO Broadband Internet? Just complete our service request form today!



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Help us improve customer service.